Monday, December 24, 2007

Celebrating Solstice

Long dark nights are synonymous with winter in Alaska's Interior, but a lack of sunshine certainly does not equate to a lack of light. In fact I find the cold clear nights provide a quality of light that is difficult to match. The mid-day alpenglow provided by the sun lets every Alaskan enjoy a prolonged sunrise and sunset daily.

Ed and I skied into Nugget Creek Cabin on Solstice. It was a grand ski in that did not require the use of any supplemental light. The direct moon light coupled by its reflection off of the snow was more than enough.

Josie thought my sleeping bag was a pretty nice place to rest after breaking trail on the way in.

It took a while for the little stove to bring the temperature above freezing in the cabin. It was about -20 F when Ed and I arrived around midnight.

Ed broke his ski on the way in, but it managed to hang together on the 7.5 miles out.

After recovering from giardia Josie and I went out for a snowshoe behind my cabin. The temps had dropped to around -40 F and I felt the urge to document my enormous snotcicle.

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Lena said...

you know, brian, i've always wanted to experience head lice and a tick-borne disease (doesn't matter which one) at the same time. do you have any suggestions as to how i can contract both simultaneously? thanks!

p.s. poison ivy thrown in there would be a plus. heck, how about some puking too!