Friday, July 25, 2008

Got Walls?

I just wanted to give a quick update on the progress that has been made over the past few weeks.

After a crummy 4th of July weekend I finally had my footings and piers level and ready to support a house. Luke and Holly came over to lend some assistance in lifting and setting beams.

Once the floor joist were laid out I ripped and placed OSB in between the joist to reduce moisture and prevent rodent intrusion.

I spray foamed any voids in the OSB , laid out the fiberglass insulation and capped it off with an inch of polystyrene. I should be sitting pretty with a R-Value of about 40 on my floor.

Last night I got a pretty good sized crew out to help raise the walls. Allen, Rene, Steve, Ann, Luke and I made up the crew.

Once the last wall was raised we moved over to the saw horses and enjoyed some great Wisconsin Brats and a few cold ones to finish off an exciting night.