Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to the Slope for Bou

Early April usually has some time blocked out on my calander for a trip up north of the Brooks Range to hunt caribou. My freezer had just run out of wild red meat so the timing could not have been better. Luke and I postponed the trip to try to elude some really cold weather, but when we finally arrived the temperatures where still not exacly warm with the lows in the -20's we were more interested in harvesting caribou than going for a ski tour.

Long shadows on the wind slab

We harvested four caribou out of a small herd. Pictured, is Luke and I with a nice cow.

Part of the herd skidattled once we started shooting. This photo gives a decent perspective of the enormity of the country.

A blade of icy cotton grass.

We made it back to the truck with our load of caribou before the sun set on our third day of the trip. This gave us enough time to get to Cold Foot for a Trucker Special before midnight.

The Slope did not disappoint once again!