Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm Done!

Well at least as far as the bank is concerned I'm done with my house building project. I have a multi-year plan that includes many upgrades such as: landscaping, a garage, a sauna, a garden and too many other small improvements to include in this post. The bottom line is the major construction phase is over after about 18 months. Now that the house is done, the wild game is in the freezer and the woodpile is big, I invite winter to start creeping into Goldstream Valley so the work can finally end and the skis can come out along with long nights and good times at my new home.

My driveway looking out across Goldsream Valley and up at Ester Dome.

I still have a large deck to build on the front of the house but for this year I am satisfied. This piece of land has changed a bit since my June 2008 post Building for the Future.

A shot of the front of the house.

The Kitchen
The living room...a rocking chair, a wood burner and a good dog. No complaints here.

This is a custom railing built from local birch with a inlaid piece of metal work. My Mom and step dad helped finance the railing and Magan helped with the construction.

The bedroom

A view from a side window into the parking a couple of years I will build a garage where the vehicles are currently parked.
My wood pile...I will make many trips to this stack throughout the winter months. I am actually looking forward to whittling through the stack.

Blue skies and golden birch leaves make it hard to leave my little homestead and drive into Fairbanks for another day in the cubicle...I guess I'll survive.


Dr. Cookie said...

Lovely house, Brian -- really, really nice work. Now, isn't it more properly spelled "Livin' the Dream" rather than "Liven' the Dream", or is there a sophisticated reference to the town "Livengood", or the phrase "Liven up!"? Sorry, I was just trying to show Dean your balcony railing when he pointed this out, and now I'm confused. Hope all's well in the 'Banks.

Heike said...

What an awesome house Brian!! Thanks for posting pictures.