Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Few Days on the Delta River

After we got everything taken care of from our trip into the Wrangell's we turned right around and and headed out to the Tangle Lakes/Delta River for a nice three day float, some blueberry pancakes and some good arctic grayling fishing.

The fishing at our first campsite was quite slow but there were some great blueberries for pancakes in the morning. That evening we soaked up scenery and a little whiskey around the campfire.

Once we got through the Tangle Lakes the paddling was a blast, there was lots of class II water to keep us interested.

I finally was able to use my new packraft on this trip. I think that I will have many fun trips with this little craft in the future.

Our last campsite provided us with some good grayling fishing...and ultimatly some great grayling eating!


Bevy said...

Yummmm - Grayling - I forgot about that fish - our olde friend Link used to fish up the Chatanika and give us some - it was GOOD! ;)

Leo said...

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P.S. nice pics, y'all!