Monday, June 2, 2008

Building for the Future

The content of my blog is probably going to slow down a little over the next few months. I bought a piece of land last fall and construction has started. I fear that weeknights and weekends will be booked through November. I am almost finished with a small cabin that I will live in while I build my house. The cabin is certainly a no frills structure, but now that I have a doghouse, an outhouse, and a cabin I guess I can start referencing my land as my home.

Here it 8 x 16 I don't think that I'll have to worry about getting lost inside.

Josie had a good day...she has been running off as of late, but this time she returned with a prize. Rotten leg of moose anyone?

The interior

The living room will someday become a sauna.

And this clear space will be converted into a 26 x 28 house. I hope it happens before Christmas.

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