Thursday, February 5, 2009

96 Miles in 69 Hours

Back in January Ed talked me into taking some time off from the building project and getting out on a ski. It seemed like a great idea, but a wild chinook blew in and brought with it some extra challanging conditions. The trails were icy, my conditioning was horrible, but the trip was great.

Skiing up windy gap

Enjoying some time inside after a long day on the trail.

We got to enjoy a few miles of fast overflow on our way down this drainage.

More overflow...there was no shortage of ice on this trip.

Once we got back into the limestone peaks of the White Mountains the surrounding landscape was phenominal.

There were some failry long stretches of very boney did not feel like interior Alaska in January.

The conditions on top of the pass were wind and the temps hoovered around freezing.

Melting snow and drying gear in one of the cabins

John is melting in some binder wax in an attempt to get his wax to stick around for longer periods on the icy trails.

It has been a while since I have posted anything and the recallection of the some of the details associated with this trip have already left, but I do recall being refreshed by the challange and time spent with good friends in some great country.